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Test Cases
Write as many test cases(At least 15-20) as follows for the following example in the format given bellow:

Testing Scenario

Test Cases test: A web based photo storage site allows users to store their pictures online.Any body over the age of 13 can create an account with the site,login,create albums and upload photos to the site album.
(Only .jpeg phots of size less than 7 MB are allowed).Each user is given a max 5 GB of free storage space.
(The site currently does not support Paid/Purchasing additional storage).
Other features include-recovering lost password(user enters email and password is sent to their email address),deleting photos,deleting albums(an album can't be deleted unless it's empty)
,adding and updating photo captions.(Note:Please make any necessary assumptions)

Kindly suggest me what are the test cases can write for above scenario which i had in RIKTam Technology at hyderabad.

I given 13 tcs.

Give me reply pl

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