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Can anyone tell what testing is most important to be done on insurance project? and how it is done?

can anyone tell what testing is most important to be done on insurance project? and how it is done? i have an interview in a insurance company....please also tell what kind of question will they ask about insurance application? much appreciate your help.

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Hi Punam

Here are the few scenarios of the policy life cycle:

    Typically, insurance carriers have a common policy lifecycle that can consist of:
-clearance of applicant
-submission of applicant
-quote(s) (including output of quote document)
*this is where rating comes into play*
-acceptance/rejection of quote
-if acceptance - binding (including output of a binder document)
-policy creation/issuance (including output of Declaraions page and associated wordings/forms/endorsements)
-endorsement of policy (including output of policy change notice and associated wordings/forms/endorsements)
-cancellation of policy (including output of cancellation notice, etc)
-reinstatement of policy (including output of reinstatement notice, etc)

and then there is the potential claims lifecycle which potentially consists of the following:
-first notice of loss
-reservation of rights
-capture of associated parties (claimant, attorneys, adjusters both internal and external, etc)
-adjustment of claim (creating expense and/or indemnity reserves, making payments against reservers, creating recoveries, recovering money via subro, salvage, etc)
-litigation management
-closing claim
-reopening claim

Obviously, this can change for any given insurer based on the coverages they write and the busienss processes they have defined and these may or may not be covered by the application you are testing. Without further detail it is difficult to determine what scenarios would be appropriate. I would suggest getting a copy of the specification and potentially discuss with a SME what the application you are working on is intended to cover. 



lakshmi kanth reddy

Hello lakshmi kanth,

Thanks for the reply.

I dont have a specification of any insurance project. I am fresher and have interview with the insurance company.

I was trying to go thru the site of united india insurance .....taking this site as an example can you tell me how to create scenarios.

That will be a great help.




Hi lakshmi kanth reddy,

Really very good explanation and will be grateful if u send the project.,

With Regards,

gud,plz send me that insurance project to my mail id sharon.madhurima@gmail.com

hi myself ramu, i am very new to this blog. I am interesting in this conversation and i need that insurance project plz send me also to my mail id : ramu.1043@gmail.com.

Hi lakshmi kanth,

Can you pls send me test strategy for Insurance domain

Also pls send me insurance project details to debamita.mandal@gmail.com




Hi Lakshmi Kanth,

i am new for testing good explanation about insurance domain can u send the srs/brs/frs document or project details can u send to my mail id if it is possible i need to test my own

my mail id: sankaricd@gmail.com

can u gve the full document for insurance project

Hi Punam,give me your mail id ,i will send an insurance project,based on that you will get an idea of insurance project,ok bye....

lakshmi kanth reddy

Hi lakshmi,

Send me that insurance project to my mail id also kalyankm02@gmail.com.



its punam4321@yahoo.com





Hi Lakshmi,

Pls the document to me also.

even i'm looking for insurance project

my id: akbarbasha1984@gmail.com

Thnks in Advance






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