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What are the possible test cases we can write for a dropdown filter? For example drop down filter having a / b / c. How many cases we can write for this?

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drop down box value
1. a
2. b
3. c
All the Values must get selected with Mouse
All the Values must get selected with Key-Board

Ashish Kesarwani
Hi Ruchi,

You should have mentioned more specific requirements. There are lots of combination in case of Drop Down Filter. Like:

1. Is any other drop down's value is changing due to value of 1st drop down.

2. Values are changing directly by selecting a/b/c or we need to click some button after selecting a/b/c.

3. There should be some more specifications needed, which you can now get from the test cases which I am going to mention below.

So below is the test cases which you can write for a drop down if you know all specifications clearly:

1. Default selected value of DD.

2. Sorting type of value in DD.

3. Maximum character length display in the DD.

4. Maximum no. of values display in DD without scroll bar.

5. DD should be open by clicking on both DD & the DD Arrow.

6. Once DD is selected, you should be able to select values by keyboard arrow keys even if DD is closed.

7. Same as above you should be able to change DD values by scrolling from mouse. (Depends upon requirements)

8. After selecting DD, if you press any alphabet key, the respective value should be selected automatically.

Likewise I can give N number of scenarios. For that I just need more requirements. Whatever points I have given you, those are just for a simple DROP DOWN.

I hope it will be helpful for you. Feel free to ask testing doubts.


Kapil Samadhiya
Hi Kapil,

Good explanation. I agree with your answer. Thanks.

Siva Reddy
Hi Kapil

Nice Explanation


Hi Kapil,

Its really a good point that you did it here. Proper Specs must me there and you explained it well as per the specification.


Hanee Srivastava

Is it applicable for drop down list in pop-up window  @kapil....


HI All,

Good responses so far, in one of my business requirement I came across that the drop down values can display conditional.
There are specific requirements that are to details and very specific to mention in this context.

However our test case design always depends on the specification/requirement so just questioning dropdown testing scenario/cases will not be understandable answer up to satisfactory level.

Ashish and Kapil have given simple/general to detailed test case approach respectively. I feel this is great!

Let us take the same data u have mentioned.a,b,c.
What option should be selected by default? That can be ur test case.
Now where does ur data come from?From database?Means does the list box get populated from the values from some other location?Then u need to check the number of options in list box is same as in database.(If u dont get this point feel free to ask)
What should be the output on selecting any option can be another test case.
Hi Ruchi Sharma,
When we Click on the Drop Down
1.It should display the list of Values in the Drop Down i.e. a,b,c
2.Selected value should be displayed in the text Field
3.Should Allow the User to Select value from Mouse,
4,Typo selection from keyboard i.e if u type b it should be displayed with b value
5.Should not allowe user to Edit the Drop down value,
6.values should be Displayed according to the Alphabetical order


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