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I am testing both Web services and XML messages using SOAPUI and message queue; however, I don know how to write proper test cases for the same.

Can anyone please send me the test cases for both Web services and XML message. it ll be useful for me.

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Could you be a little more specific?

I guess the reason why you didn't get any answer so far is, that we don't really understand the need.

It's like - "could anyone send me testcases for HTML?"


What's the goal of the test?

You want to test different wsdl-bindings? Performance? Functionality of the Webservice?...?

Hi Peter,

I have worked middle ware testing. I have used the tools like SOAPUI, RFHUtil to test IBM middle ware products like 'MB, MQ'. I am doing functional testing. I just write the Test cases and run it. I don know the way of writing Test cases are correct or not and am I following the right way. Nobody is here to correct it. So if I get any sample test cases for web services (WSDL) as well as for xml I will get an idea to create the test cases.



 You need to check i/p fields of request with passing correct values and check if you are getting right response or not ..also check the dbase table for the fields mentioned in the table are getting updated or not...so try to generate test cases with diff i/p values and check with expected values....if you have SOAP UI pro then you can do data driven testting...pls let me know if you were looking somethiing different...i'll like to share my knowledge...

Hey Priya,


I totaly agree to Kaustubh!


Some more ideas for you:

If you do functional testing - I would also execute boundary tests

Never forget wrong input data! If you send a wrong request to the service you should receive a fault message - which should be understandable.

Thanks for your reply..

I am doing the same here; however, I need to know whether I should write the Test cases for XML Tags also.

For example - Employee details Request -





In this case, Should I write the test cases for missing tags also. (Ex- Whether EmpId tag is missing).

If I get your mail id, I can ask my doubts in detail.


kashu.joshi@gmail.com...waiting for the mail or gtalk invi inorder to know the exact know ur doubts...
still waiting for ur actual prob in detail...
Can we say that SOAP UI can be done for regression check of the system or should we need to user Selenium for the same?? Can we say that automation can be done without using data driven testing from SOAP Ui pro(from data source) by creating test cases with diff i/p values of each request tag?? If no then without having SOAP UI pro how can someone do automation testing for web services?? any idea? a

Just use any AutomationTool that can handle non-gui tests?

p.e. http://tosca-testsuite.com/en/tosca/automation/nongui/

ok, thnks for the reply..but my some questions still remains unanswered...also don u know in the community who can help me out in selenium rc through java?? I have got lot of questions for the same.....i even started with one discussion to break the ice but nobody replied:(

Hi Kaustubh,


SOAP UI does not support data driven testing. But for the regression testing, we can save required values in Test Suite Properties.

You can use property transfer or script to access these properties.



Hi Amit,

 Data driven testing is possible using SoapUI. We have done it in our project. SoapUI Automation using data driven framework where Inputs are taken from the Excel sheet. 

For your reference:




TTWT Magazine





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