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Can anybody give the testcases for upload option or upload botton????????

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1. After clicking on Upload button file selection window should open.
2. After clicking on the cancel button of selection window that window should be closed.
3. Select any file for upload & in between uploading process cancel that task, After clicking on cancel no any file & file part should be uploaded.
4. In between uploading process click on upload button again (In the standard scenario it should be disable).
5. After selecting file if file to to big in size then proper message should be display.
6. Check for file type which going to upload after selection of file.
& many more test cases u can create...........

Great, Chandan pandit has covered most of the cases which are very useful.
Really Great, Chandan pandit has covered most of the cases . but add some test cases me

1) Check without select any file and entered path like ( c:/Test.doc) file.
2) some time entered cross script then show server side error.
3) suppose specific format file upload like(Resume format ) then rename excel file as [Resume.exl.txt] in this case file proper upload msg display but file not uploaded .

I think above test case any used

--Sandip Wagh
1.Check if the browse... is ellipsis button in becasue it is going to show File open dialog.
2.Check the File open Dialogs File Filters(Supported File Types)
3.Check for the Init Capitalization of the File open Dialog if its a non standard(non common dialog ctrl) form.

1.Start uploading the file and disconnect LAN.
2.Check server timeout(There usually is a Timeout for file upload)
3.Check upload from a disc which has no space left(usually the data will be cached to temp for rolling back)
4.Check upload for Folder(its should not be the case)
5.Check for multiple file uploads.
6.Check for Quality of images if the upload is specifically for images(the dithering of images should not happen - imagine uploading a scanned copy of cheque for payment director service)
7.Check for compressed /Readonly /Archived file uploads.
8.Start upload and immediately stop the Web(IIS,Apache) server.
9.test for Folder structure on server side.
10.test for LOBS and BLOBs in case the files go in DB.
11.Test for upload from a network(mapped drive)
12.Test for same file upload many times i.e. depends on the functionality some servers may rename it to xFilie_1, some may just add a new version e.g. Sharepoint. some may simply deny.

Enjoy . Cheers.
always thinking beyond obvious.
thanks a lot ......the points r really good and effective......
Very valuable cases, thanks Abhijeet.
Thanks a lot for ur answers
Thanks  Abhijeet and Chandan , points are really helpfull.
Thank you for your discussion. It is very helpful.


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