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Test Cases for Bislary Water Bottle:


- One liter water bottle
- 1/2 liter water filled with water

Can any one share test cases for this 


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1.can be handle easily.(usability)
2.check its behavior when its filled with clod water of nearly 3 deg.
3.check with hot water .nearly 60 degrees
4.apply some stress.drop from distance of 10 meters
5.how much good its plastic is.use a pin to make hole.it should resist against it.
6.how much time it take to fill.?
7.do we need special care while filling or it could be easily done.
8.how much time it takes to be empty.check there are oxygen bubbles while we making it empty.
9.is the plastic can be recycle.
10.fill it full.then keep in refrigerator until it make ice.check what happens? is bottle crash?
11.check how much time it take to make water cold with bottle?
12.throw filled bottle from some distance.

there an be many...i made it in 7 minutes.reply if i am wrong
Good Answer Riyaj....Thanks
check also
1. cap of the bottle should be tightly clocse or not ?
2. is there any water leackage ?
3. Effortlessly should able to open and close the bottle
4. Bottle should easily stand on a plane area
5. There should be mark of Bislary stamp
5. Easily able to carry the bottle or not (designing view of bottle ) ?
I agree with your answer. Thanks
u'r test cases doesn't cover the capacity of bottle and quantity of water it has.
@ check wheather it is a bislary water bottle
@ check wheather it is a one litre bislary water bottle
@ is water present in the bottle.
@ how much of water present in the bottle
@ bottle is plastic or glass
its nice guys.......
Transparency of the material of the bottle is also important so that we can see that water is clean.
ya but always bisleri bottle is transparent
but that need to be check.
yes.agree with Avinash.Every small things must be checked in my knowledge
But i think most of the times we don't get enough time to check each and every thing in detail.So it is necessary to focus on important and crucial thing.


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