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1.check whether bike have brand name as required.
2.check bike has two wheels.
3.check the bike has required no.of gears.
4.check the bike has front and back break working fine.
5.check it has one head light,back light at front and back side and two indicator on either side all are working fine when turned on/off as well as intensity of focus of light. 
6.check limit of fuel tank is as per requirement and safety norms are mentioned on it(like capacity, speed etc.).
7.check whether bike is switched to average mode when level of fuel in tank drops below certain level.
8.check pattern of gear shift.
9.check whether bike has horn and intensity of horn in DB as mention in specification.
10.Check thickness, diameter,no.of spokes of both tires and minimum , maximum level of air limit in tire tube.
11.check tire should blow up when maximum air is filed in it or bike can not run when air level is below requirement.
12.check whether speed meter is showing proper reading (like speed is increased it should show needle moving to next speed level or vice versa, kilometer reading etc).
13.check average of bike by conducting driving test is as per requirement.
14.check fuel meter is showing proper readings.
15.check bike follows all safety norms.
16.check material used for manufacturing it.
17.check it has silencer and ejecting smoke properly.
18.check CC, engine type, model, type of fuel to be used in it and color.
19.check it has kick to start bike. 

correct me if any thng wrng in it..

T C..suresh

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