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Can anyone send me what are the test cases we have to write for a website?

Hi all,

Can anyone send me what are the test cases we have to write for a website? Thanks in advance.

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The website testing includes below testing methods

1. Functionality Testing

2. Usability Testing

3. Performance Testing

4. GUI Testing

5. Security Testing

For more details please check the link below



Thanks for ur reply Saritha, but I have asked about the test cases on a website not about the testing types on a website. For ex a test case for an image,for a html link in a webpage,for a video in a webpage and so on.

I don't think anyone can answer your question because it totally depends on what you have to test. What are the requirements? Are you testing links on the website? Are you testing interfaces between various sub-systems? Are you testing data flow between interfacing applications? 


Unless this part is known, its hard to answer your question.... Please be a little more specific on what the requirements are...

Hi Hussain,thanks for ur reply.For ex:testing a link which opens in another window,image in a page,videos played in a page and mainly what are the test cases written for a search box.


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