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Can anyone help me for test case scenario of wooden door and reynolds pen??

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Hi Sunil,


Here are few test cases scenarios that comes to my mind:

Wooden Door:

Test whether the door is real wood/ply wood.

If plywood then you can test how durable it is when compared with real wood.

Wooden door has the tendency to expand during certain seasons like rainy season. So it will get difficult to open and close the door properly. You can test how well constructed is it to with stand such situations.



If you bought a blue ink pen, test whether it is really a blue ink pen or not :)

Drop the pen from your desk and check whether it breaks or not. It shouldn't under normal circumstances.

You should be able to refill with a new one.

During winter season ink may cloat, you can test this scenario as well.


Thanks Anil... it is really helpful for me .... :)


If you have a reynolds pen with blue ink, try putting in a refill that has blank ink(from reynolds only), it should fit properly.



Door should fit properly in the door frame, you should be able to close and open smoothly

Check whether all the locks on the door works properly

If it allows to lock from inside and outside with the same key, try it out.


Thanks again Anil ....

Reynold -: Color of the body and Cap

Refill and cap colour

ball point nib

should write smothly

the color of the ink is matching the color of the refill displayed

Reyonld should be written on the body

body should be exactly fit into the cap

refill should be fit correctly into the body

The upper part and lower part of body should fit exactly

Thank Kirti for you reply can you help me for Wooden Door scenarios ??

door is really a wooden

Color of the wooden door

polish of the wooden door
proper alignment of the wooden door f into the frame

Corners are not sharped

should not be rough


Height from ground should be proper

the angles which are attached to open the do0r are placed at equal distance

poor place to open the door

the locks and handle

length of the door should be correct


Thanks kirti its very helpful for me , thanks again.....

Hi Sunil,

All the above scenarios are really gives new Idea of testing a pen and wooden door.Here one another factor is Cost of the pen

Types of paper it can write good? On some qualities of papers pen may not write.

Speed of the Ink flow?

Main thing is it fitting to the hand or Not we can check.

These all my thoughts.



Keshav M.



Thank you Keshav......


1)What color the client need?(red/green/black/white...)

2)If they want Red ink means...then the body and the cap should be designed with that color.

3)The ink should display with same color.

4)The refill size should correctly fit.

5)The cap should correctly fit.

6)generally for pens there should be a open...to put refills.For other pens it is on back side.Here u mentioned its reynolds...then mostly its is in front side only...U can check that...whether it is properly fitting or not.

7)There should not be any cracks or breaks for cap,body of pen.

8)Check for the grip of the pen...whether it is properly fitting in ur hand or not.

9)check for the reynolds lable.(correctly spelled,no color patches)

Hm...now the pen is ready....

10)Write with that pen...check whether it is smooth or not(Ofcourse the smoothness generally depends on the quality of paper-test this also if u want more scena..)

11)Check whether it is writting with the required color or not.

Hm... suppose the ink is finished

12)Check whether the spare refills of that company are properly fitting in that pen.

13)Again check whether the spare refill is writing well or not.

14)Check the quality of the pen(It should not be easily brokable)

15)There should not be ink leakages.

Plz correct the mistakes......

Thanks in advance....


Thanks Vijetha such a nice reply.......


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