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 What are the key points you will use in Test Case Review?

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Test case should fulfill Test Coverage


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When we perform peer review of test cases we are looking, in order of importance:
1] Can I run this test case? Does it make sense, do I have all the information I need, are there missing steps?
2] Does it fully cover the linked requirements? Sometimes it will take numerous tests to fully test a requirement so we tend to look at test cases beginning with the requirements linked.
3] Does the test follow our standards? We are looking at naming and numbering conventions, etc.

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Test case review is primarily done to confirm if the testcases have covered complete functionality.

Secondly, you should

check if the test cases are following the standard.

Does each test case make sense.

Are test cases complete - regarding prerequisites, test data, steps and actual results

Test Case Review tips

  1. Check for which functionality the test cases has been created?

  2. In scope or out scope ?

  3. Whether the required functionality covered properly or not ?

  4. What is the entry criteria. Whether the criteria indicated properly?

  5.  What is the objectvies of the Test Case?

  6.  What are the steps provided is sufficient to get the Expected Results ?

  7.  What are the pre-conditions ?

  8. What is the Test data used to execute the test case?

  9. Is the expected results correctly mentioned ?

  10. what is the Exit criteria for the test case ?

  11. The type of test case (like functional/ regression / performance / compatibility  ..etc)

  12. The english used in the test case is in correct format or not ?

  13. Whether followed all the project standards to write the test case?

  14. The alignments and format is corect ?

  15. Wheher followed all the client standards and guidelines in the test case?

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For any review, make sure you follow these golden rules:

Golden rule 1 - Review the Product, not the producer - Instead of commenting "you missed out requirement #1", "test case missing requirement #1" is a better way of passing on review comment.

Golden rule 2 - Find the defects, not the solution - I guess you know what this means.

Golden rule 3 - Review comments/outcome of a review is the responsibility of the entire review team. So, you shoul not be blaming an individual within the team for a wrong review comment. Only the team has to be blamed. In fact, everyone in the review team should review the comments sent out from their team.


Most of my points are already discussed in the thread. I can only think of the following points:


1) Every step should be precisely documented, and the continuity to be maintained between the steps.

2) It should not contain any hardcoded values.

3) Should be easy to understand, even for a layman and anyone should be able to execute the steps.


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