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Hi All,
I wanted to know how do you priortize your test cases when you have less time for testing?
And on what basis? or the criteria you use to priortize the test cases?

-S Sarita.

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You can use either Risk based approach or Sign off based on Business priorities.

Most of the times it is not possible to test the whole application within the specified time. In such situations it’s better to find out the risk factors in the projects and concentrate on them.

Here are some points to be considered when you are in such a situation:
1) Find out Important functionality in your project?
2) Find out High-risk module of the project?
3) Which functionality has the largest financial impact on users?
4) Which aspects of the application are most important to the customer?
5) Which parts of the code are most complex, and thus most subject to errors?
6) What do the developers think are the highest-risk aspects of the application?
7) What kinds of problems would cause the most customer service complaints?
8) What kinds of tests could easily cover multiple functionalities?

Hi ,

Swarupa Rani answer are true, all points are proper mentions. Depend on Project and Time and write down prioritize your test cases.

---Sandip Wagh .
HI Swarupa,

its very very good answer . Thanks for sharing this information....

Swarupa,Very nice answer...thnx 4 sharing
Hi Swaroop,

what kind of methods do we need to follow to find out the complex module's and important module, how do we know that is most important module, how to finding out the high risk module, how do you define particular module is high risk module or functionality could you please explain,if so it would be very help full for every one.....

Thanks and Regards

Thanks Swarupa..........Nice explanation..
Very good answer which covers all scenarios ...thanks Swaroopa
Prioritization of test cases is based on Highly impacted business requirements first followed by all Highly impacted, and then all highly probable cases
Is there is any other Template for Risk Based Test cases or Same template which we use for Test cases???

The test manager should identify the criteria to hi used when prioritizing tests. These will
include but are not limited to:
Visibility of failure.
Business priority assigned to the requirement.
Customer wants.
How much change the function has undergone.
How error prone is this module.
How critical is it to the business.
How technically complex is it.
How difficult is it to test.
How costly is it to test.

Keep the test priority with the test at all times. This_ will prevent you from developing and designing
lo_ priority tests that never get run. Use a scheme of high, medium, low


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