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can anyone plz forwrd the Test case format for Mobile apps.? which will be perfect?

till now, i hv used as web apps. 

its vry urgent.

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I wan to ask dat there is any difference btw test case (test case format) of mobile & web apps.?
Format of the test case differs from Organization to organization but basic idea is always same...
So if you have any specific format in your org , you should use that or else you can go with the format which you have been using...




Test Case format is same for any application weather it is mobile application or web application but it may differ from organization to organization 




Thnx to all.....

I had lil bit confusion........

nw i hv not.........

one thng else,.......can anyone tell dat which type of format means word or xls , we should use to create test cases.means dat which one will be better.?


It is always in xls format... test cases are never written in doc.. 

bt in google search, i got some formats......

even i got two formats in doc from this forum too............


whatever you get in google search is not always right... 

Test cases are always written in tabular form ... hence Excel sheet is used. 

 You can write to me at samrat.bats@gmail.com  I will send you some nice and widely accepted test case format..




I use table to write test cases in word too............


hi samrat


Excel s easy to write and most convenient also,but  There is a chance to write test cases in doc format also, some persons are using word to write for test cases.    




yeah i want to know which one is perfect or standard ?
Excel only


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