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Some of the use cases would be:
1) Elevator is capable of moving up and down.
2) It is stopping at each floor.
3) It moves exactly to that floor when corresponding floor no is pressed.
4) It moves up when called from upward and down when called from downward.
5) It waits until 'close' button is pressed.
6) If anyon steps inbetween the door at the time of closing, door should open.
7) No break points exists
8) More usecases for the load that the elevator can carry (if required)

1) When I push the call button, does it come to the floor and open the door after stopping?
2) Do the doors stay open for at least 5 seconds?
3) When closing, do the doors reverse if someone is standing in their way?
4) Does the elevator wait for someone to push a floor button before moving?
5) Does the elevator ignore the floor button of the current floor?
6) Does the floor button light up when pressed?
7) Does the Open Door button work when the elevator is moving?
8) Does the elevator travel in a smooth fashion?
9) Is there an up button on the top floor or a down button on the bottom floor?

I got these test cases from some others friends blogs

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Hi Ruchi,

More useful post. Thanks for providing these test cases


Please post Test Cases for Requirements and Design Testing.

Hi Ruchi,

thanks for providing
Thanks Ruchi for this information.
Addinmg my own:

- Does the alarm rings when 'Alarm' button is pressed ?
- Does it Stop when 'Stop' button is pressed ?
- Does the alarm ring when it has stopped in-between two floors ?
- Does the 'Overload' indicator lights up when there is an overload ?


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