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Some of the latest trends in the past six months:

1. Industry's strong push towards BDD framework of Cucumber(Specflow) integrated with Ruby (Watir) ['Develping' Stage at Product Life Cycle]

2. Matured Selenium Automation Framework using Java has a heavy competition in the market with the point[3]-But lot of new facilities to integrate with headless browser tests {such as 'Jason Phantom Ghost Driver' which is growing ahead }; ['Matured' Stage at Product Life Cycle]

3. Increased and STRONG demand of Selenium Automation Framework using .Net (BDD framework of Cucumber Specflow extended to Selenium Wrappers);['Develping' Stage at Product Life Cycle]

4. Potential growth of Ranorex in the industry with BDD frameworks with it's latest 5.4.o versions; ['Introduction' Stage at Product Life Cycle]

5. Market of heavily needed auto testers in following domain where there is no enough autom testers available:

   5A. ['Develping' Stage at Product Life Cycle] Developers using Macro based test scripting for complex projects in vb script,.Net and SQL

   5B. SOAP Automation using ['Develping' Stage at Product Life Cycle]

   5C. Need of SOA Automation Frameworks

   5D. ETL Auto Testers

6. Finally, Non stop demand for Penetration Testers who use good amount of Automation Tools for OWASP and SANS25 based security vulnerabilities.

 So newly trained automation testers are in the need of getting to know the tools and frameworks listed above in order to compete with job applicants!

Please suggest if I have missed any in your comments below;)



Narayanan Palani

Author of Software Testing Secrets Revealed



Narayanan Palani

Author of '[B]Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed[/B]'


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