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My company is a 20-50 employee organization. Am the one who leads all the testing activities here. Am searching for an automation tool for our testing activities now. We are doing most of our projects in Mobile and Web applications. Can anyone suggest me a good tool that suit for our organizational needs...

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Currently the best automation Open source tool used in most of the organisation are -

1) Selenium, which can be integrated with many scripting languages like JUnit, Python, Perl, C#.

2) SAHI - it uses Java scripting language.

Both tools are equally powerful for web application testing.

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Amit Nimje : Infocepts Pvt Ltd

I would suggest taking a look into Ruby.  You can easily use it to test Web applications as well as Android and iOS applications.  The syntax of the language is easy and unlike the Java platform, there are libraries there for all of the common things testers run into when building out test suites.  

Cheezy can u please provide ruby notes

By notes do you mean documentation?  There are numerous books and sites that have information about this language.  I would suggest starting with google. 


For web applications use Selenium which is very compact and user friendly . For mobile applications use FoneMonkey and Robotium. The above tools i mentioned are Open source Tools. Let me know if its useful for you Friend.

here are some software automation tool :
UI Automator Tool:
Appium Automation Framework:

Hi buddy, 

I am so sorry for late reply.

Test automation, being one of the most effective and time-saving methods for software testing, is making the lives of test engineer a lot easier as compared to manual testing. With the introduction of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, the importance of automated testing is taking new heights. 

  1. HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Software

HP UFT Software is a widely used software testing solution that is able to address the challenges of constant change in the processes and technology. Automation testing has taken a leap forward in the modern applications, and it has been able to dramatically improve the quality of software while cutting down the testing costs and complexities. The integration of this tool with HP Application Lifecycle Management is significantly enhancing developer and tester productivity in this rapidly changing environment.


  1.  TestComplete

TestComplete is a robust and a powerful automated testing tool for the web, mobile, and desktop applications. TestComplete helps in creating accurate and repeatable automated tests across multiple platforms, devices, environments easily and quickly. It is important to have Agile and flexible tools while testing the modern applications of today. TestComplete has the capability to script in multiple languages such as Selenium, Jenkins, and SoapUI. TestComplete has the ability to help you save costs while increasing delivery speed significantly.


  1. Selenium                 

Selenium is a framework that helps in performing web application testing across various browsers and platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Selenium gives you the advantage of writing the tests in various programming languages such as C#, Python, Java, Ruby, Groovy, and Perl. It provides playback and record features for writing tests without learning Selenium IDE. Selenium is regarded as the base for most of the software testing tools in general.

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