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Tell me the test cases on Windows Media Player...pls its urgent..

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1) Launch
2) Playlist related
3) File association
4) Rip CD
5) Upgrading wmp 11.
6) Negative scnarion ( Unassociated format,playlist.)
7) Making the default application to be launched
6) Install and Uninstall

These are some of the cases the same can be exhaustive based on the details that needs to covered
Windows Media Player contains lots of functionality and Test cases may be varied...

1)Playing different file formats (AVI, MPEG, DIVX, MP3, RM, MID, WAV)

2)With and without installing codecs

3)With different display resolutions

4)High and low DPI settings

5)Streaming video

6)Whether AUDIO and video from movie file are synchronized or not

7)Then functions like Play, Pause/resume, stop, Play list


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