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HI All,

Insoftware interviews first question is tell me about yourself..

people saying this in different ways.I am confusing

Plz sent me the good answer.to my mail Id:siva.says79@gmail.com



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 Search for the same .. I think It has been discussed earlier too... 

hi samrat jha,

No one discussed about dis,

I think to say  years of experience,previous companies experience ,present project,role and responsibilities...etc

if it is wrong please correct me



Please give me the interview time and venue I will answer on your behalf.

 @ Siddiq ,

                Samrat Jha liked It .......!!


Thank you for your reply, 

I am  applying jobs in london thats why I asked this question.



How  r u applying?? r u @ india now or london???/

siva u can say like this.............

im siva from hyderabad(Place of city)

i completed my btech in computer science from JNTU univeristy hyderabad.

i did my intermediate from osmania university hyderabad.

i have total of 2years of experience in manual testing

after my btech i joined in XYZ company as a software testing trainee

in XYZ company i was involved in testing of desktop and webapplciation(its up to u...u can say ny thing i mean web or desktop)

currently im working for the same comapny as a software test engineer.my project is banking application developing and testing for one of our client ABC.

u can frame it according to ur need

Hi santosh,

Thank you for your reply it is very use ful for me

Do you have any selenium practice material?

If you have please send me my mail id: siva.says79@gmail.com



sory siva i m not into automation

wat ever said by santhosh is rit, but remind one thing just expose ur attitude while talking from that itself they ill judge u.... the way u r approaching them is important... and ur nature say for example(am a self motivated) if u say lik this, u might have chances of skipping out the technical questions bcoz they would have eager in finding how self motivated u r? but be careful while answering bcoz psychological questions may raise....

    Hi  Siva,

    First Impression is the best impression.

    As soon as u enter in the interview hall.

    have a little smile in your face and wish them.
    catch the interviewer name.
    U can start like this..............for experience person

   This is siva, i completed my (degree) in computer science from xyz university.

  Then total years of experience of IT and NON-IT (if u have any)
  Start with Total years of experience in IT.
  I started my career with xyz company there i worked for 3 years as Sr. Software Test Engineer
  Say littel bit company profile of your previous company
  then Explain them your Resposibilities in the previous company.
  What u achieved there or any reward u received (but don't say negative point)
  Then i moved to xyz1 company and from past Jan 2008 am working there as a Team Lead.
  Say littel bit company profile of your current company
  then Explain them your Resposibilities in the company.

  Don't say about family background. This doesn't suit for experience person.
  What ever your gonna tell them, say is good confidence and with good communication.
                                                "GOOD LUCK"
  With Warm Regards,

Thank you for you valuable tips i will follow it when attendin any interview.

Hope to hear more tips form you for attending interview

Thanks & Regards,



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