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systematic testing of Functionalities in Following Layers..?

 Can Any one tell the systematic testing of functionalities in the following layers

  • User Interface layer
  • Business layer
  • Database layer

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any reply...?

Functional Testing

Our functional testing experience spans across several industries like healthcare, education, ecommerce, supply chain, manufacturing and social media. We test software products - packaged and bespoke, SaaS applications, web applications and software enabled devices. We make it our business to understand all the requirements and will systematically test the functionalities of the application, provide detailed reports and perform regression testing after fixes are made.

Clients often engage Trigent's dedicated offshore testing teams for the long term for testing their product lines and software applications. The offshore test teams quickly understand the products, the business domains. The customers then leverage these teams to accelerate product releases and be more competitive in the market.

We use a judicious mix of automated tools and manual processes to perform functional testing. The experience and judgment of our skilled testers goes a long way in ensuring the quality of the final deliverables. We have established processes, tools and leverage industry best practices to perform functional testing.

A few of our best practices and processes are briefly outlined below

* Perform Black box testing after gaining sufficient knowledge about the application
* Prepare detailed Test plans and Test cases
* Perform Boundary testing
* Systematic testing of functionalities in the following layers
o User Interface layer
o Business layer
o Database layer
* Automated unit test scripts for business methods
* Defect Tracking, following to closure
* Maintain Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), Root cause analysis
* Regression testing

dint asked u the origin.. if u knw answer then do reply.. 

Hi Veena , 

       My first response is ... "Incorrect question "........  Because  "these layers can't have separate functional test" ..     they can be tested separately as Units or as Modules  not as System..! 

I hope you must be familiar with System testing ...  and the answer is System testing ...

UI layer is Presentation layer through which you give Input , the same is validated by Business layer and it further redirects the request to Data Layer , and eventually the response comes back from Data Layer Via Business Layer to UI Layer ....   So they can't be tested separately specially when it comes to Functionality ......


Samrat Jha.

Thanks Samrat


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