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System testing will cover both functional and non functional is it correct?

Thnaks in advance

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Yes it is correct System Testing covers both functional and non functional
thnaks for ur reply

End-to end testing will cover only fuctional ........
It does. For sure. Thats the purpose of system testing. You would be covering both the aspects!!!!.
Yeah exactly system testing will cover all the functional and non-functional aspects of a s/w component
Yes..this is correct
hi Mohandeep

What is the difference between system and end-to-end testing???
Yes,It is Correct that System Testing covers both Functional Testing and Non Functional Testing.
system testing covers the aspects requirements of software system from load,stress,volume,performance,usability,compatility,cofiguration but doesnot include functional aspects of software system
I dont agree with Ravishankar
Hi Ravisanker

I am not agree with ur answer
Yes system testing covers both functional and non functional aspects of a software component.


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