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Pls tell me what are the system testing scenario we can write for gmail?

Hi All Good Morning,

Pls tell me what are the system testing scenario we can write for gmail.

Pls advice



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Hi gud morning all...

In my opininion i will send scenerio.

If it is wrong please let me know.

When the business environment is ready like server etc, sign up into mail after that checking the account activation

and signing in compose mail send that one or save after that it has to be listed in receiver mails.  like this there are so many options deleting etc.

the complete process signup signing and checking will under this situations.......

Thanks Bhargava Ramireddy

for explaining




System testing means:Testing all the major functionalities on all the modules before delivering to the client.Only go for Positive scenarios and major functionalities

Login screen:Look for the functionality of Login and Cancel button

Inbox:Send a mail and see whether it is getting displayed on the inbox with proper count etc

Draft:Save a draft and see whether it id=s saved properly

Likewise so many scenarios:Important thing to note:We don go for negative scenarios while doing a system testing


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