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I can't understanding clearly about suspension and resumption criteria in test plan. please anybody know about this explain with example...

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Suspension criteria specify the criteria to be used to suspend all or a portion of the testing activities while resumption criteria specify when testing can resume after it has been suspended.
Situation could be:
- Unavailability of external dependent systems during execution.
- When a defect is introduced that cannot allow any further testing.
- Critical path deadline is missed so that the client will not accept delivery even if all testing is completed.
- A specific holiday shuts down both development and testing.

Live example of suspension and resumption Criteria:
-Suspension Criteria: If any of the tests selected by the member do not give the expected result, then the testing will be suspended until the bug is fixed
-Resumption Criteria: Testing will be done again to ensure that the bug has been fixed and the selected tests give the expected results. Only then will the testing be resumed.


Its copy paste from onestoptesting.com

The aim of this forum is to share knowledge it may be from copy and paste or from personal knowledge. The most important thing here is to reply and make sure that points are explained clearly. So if the explanation is correct and useful we should appreciate that. 

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Another live example could be non availability of desired combination of Environmental set up. If the MAC version of the system is not available then we will suspend the testing desired to be executed.

yes agreed.
Try to avoid copy paste and share the experience

Suspension Criteria : This defines where to stop testing activity .

Reasons for Suspension Criteria:

1) If there is any network, hardware problem in the organisation , we can suspend testing

 2) If we got  any high severe and high priority bug 

3) if we got more pending requests with the development team

4) due to valid customer changes


Resumption Criteria:

Defines  when to restart testing actavity.

 1)when the particular issue has been addressed and solved



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