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I ve 2+ yrs exp in manual testing(Windows &Web) I used the pentration testing in the web application.Currently i'm working as a manual tester but i'm intersted in involve in pen testing.. What can i do .If any certification is needeed for that

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Thanks for ur reply...Manually test the SQL Injection,XSS,Restrict the URL address & Improper error handling..Other vulnerabilites like XXS Forgery,DOS,Cryptographic,Auto Complete is enable & Version is enable found out using Open soource automation tool.I do know how to test following vulnerabilites such as Insufficient Transport Layer Protection Broken, Authentication and Session Management,HTML Spllitting/Smuglling.. Let me know if any vulnerabilites is missing out.
Yesterday,I call one (CEH )Institute in Chennai.They said course duration 2 moonths & fees is 12k.. It's better
Can u reply to me
i'm totally confused Now i'm working as Manual Tester.. Which testing (QTP or Pentration)is carrier growth for me .. Kindly give your suggestion to me


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