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I have 2+ experience in manual testing. If i learn CCNA, will it help me to switch towards network testing... 

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Hi Hema,

CCNA is related to network administration. Going for CCNA will give u an idea on handling network related issues. It doesn't ensure an opening in network testing... still the knowledge u gained will be worth-full in a later point of time. Better u can utilize some books related to networks.

Hi Arun,

   Thank you....den which course ll be helpfull....

What is network testing according to you Hema?

Then I can suggest you...

Hi siddiq..

Don't know extactly....m looking for change and I have some knowledge on networking. So i tought it ll help me to search in network testing

its better you do penetration testing certification like CEH etc...

There are very few  comp. as far as I know which involves products w.r.t Network Testing. You dont need to do any certification to get job in those.. what you need is knowledge of Networks.Remember not all who involved in such Products have sound knowledge of Networks :)... As siddiq said check if that certification helps..... However N/W testing is further classified.. like firewall testing, protocol testing etc.. we do Firewall testing....if you are looking for change let me know so that I can update you if I find any openings

if you are looking for a QA job, and need to get certified on n/w side CCNA is not the correct certification!


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