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Stlc and SDLC both r different

SDLC: It is nothing but step by step process to develope a software. In SDLC we talk about the software.

STLC: It is nothing but how effectively testing is performed and quality is acheived. while talking about STLC we talk functionlity wise, how the testing will done quality is acheived in effective manner

Friends correct me if i am wrong

IN V Model both work parallely.
I agree with mohan that Stlc and SDLC both r different only in terms of activity or else testing is part of SDLC
in sdlc we examine that the project is implemented as per specification, not decide ki the product is suitable for intend use

BUt in Stlc determine that the outcome of development(SDLC) match original requirement and the product/project is suitable for intend use

also STLC examine bugs are found and quality is achieved in effective manner

its an best example Left hand side is SDLC and right hand side STLC

Left hand side related to devlopment of software and right hand side testing

Guys if u r not satisfied with me
then explain with suitable example

i think good discussion is going on..
But if u take general SDLC then STLC is an part of SDLC

Requirement gathering-------Analysis and design----------- Coding ------------ Testing (Unit ,Integration, and system)------------Maintenance
STLC is part of SDLC !!!!!!!!!

left hand side is verification and right hand side is validation ....
SDLC and STLC both are different cycles. But both interlink with each other and done at a time.

Our Old Water Fall Model Gives us the insight...

Remember RDCT?
What is This 'T' in the Development Lifecycle?
Testing Right?!!! I i prove my Point? STLC has to be part of SDLC
Why are you using Water Fall Model??? What you want to prove in Water Fall Model, it's a well established OLD fact.

When whole world is treating Testnig as a vertical in SPLC.

Hi Guys,

STLC is NOT A PART OF SDLC, testing has grown into a separate vertical...

Proof :

Your Organization, Testing is a new vertical, there are test managers, leads, resources and testing is a different department altogether.

SPLC(Software Project Life Cycle) = SDLC + STLC

We are accustomed to use the TERM SDLC for SPLC !!!

I agree that they are mutually dependent and both SDLC and STLC are dependent on Requirements. Does that imply that SDLC and STLC are part of Requirements ????

Don't go with Water Fall Model, come out of it... The whole project from bidding till delivery is SPLC it's not SDLC .... if you mean SDLC as SPLC, better correct your terminology....

What's the deal if there is only 1 tester??? the whole idea is to start work concurrently not 1 after the other. I mean dev and QA shall start concurrently



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