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What steps of action need to be taken when the requirements are changed or change requests come to the project?

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1) Gauge the changes with Impact Analysis

2) Prepare a RTM to track the changes to closure and delivery

1a) If the change is a new requirement, analyze what caused this change

2a) If the change is a defect fix perform escape analysis

Rest of the stuff is BAU as in case of any other requirement like, plan, prepare tc, execute tc, track report defect...

If requirements are changed after project is signed off by QA , appropriate Change request should be raised and assigned to testing team.

Testing team should analyse the impact of the change and   accordingly  provide testing estimates , prepare  test cases , execute and log defects

First of all prepare one change request document and identify which area or module affected by this changes.Send this document to all your team member and tell them to read it proper.

Now identify test cases which are affected by this changes and make clone test cases of them with changes.

Close your all old defects which are raised in this module and do not need now because of changes.

and execute all that test cases again and check system ans raise new defects.


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