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Steps to be performed in Automation tool most preferrable with Selenium , QTP , JMETER.

Dear all,

I'm a manual Test Engineer & i have learned Automation tool "Selenium" with IDE,Web Driver,Grid & i did with more sample workouts but i don't know how to implement with a product or project based software .1)What are the basic things to be needed & what to be implemented ?

               2)Whether we need to create test cases? How we can write test cases to run the S/W with these tool?

               3)How we can implement Test Plan,Test scenario's,Defect Tracking with these automation tool?

               4)How testing process will be performed like Re - Testing, Regression Testing,Negative Testing & So on.....

               5)How to perform if any requirement changes to the S/W with these Automation tool?

               Please help me a lot i need a basic things from initial project or product starts(From Kick OFF Meeting)how the Automation Process will be evolved.



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No one didn't replied , I need a reply please, for the above question.


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