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Explain Step by Step Process in Bugzilla??????

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As per best software testing services, there are multiple actions which you can perform on bugzilla, however, 2 main actions are:
1. Searching for any existing bug
2. Reporting a new bug

Steps for searching any already existing bug in bugzilla:
- Login to Bugzilla
- Click on 'Search' button
- Customize the filter as per your search need like if you need to search for bugs with 'open' status then Choose 'Open' for the 'Status' field and similarly for other fields
- You can also search by keyword related to your bug and click on 'Search'
- All search results as per your applied filter criteria appears on screen

Steps for reporting any new bug in bugzilla:
- Login to Bugzilla
- Click on 'New' or 'File a Bug' button.
- Provide valid details in the fields displayed on the page like Summary, Steps, Description, etc
- Press 'Submit'


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