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In 2015 PractiTest and Tea Time with Testers put together the State of Testing Survey, which allowed the community to discuss their roles, frameworks used, thoughts and much more. There was almost 900 participants last year. After the survey was done a report was published with some very interesting stats and information.

It’s now 2015 and it’s time for us to revisit the survey. How has the community changed? What new processes are being used?

The State of Testing Survey 2016 will be available. You can go to the site now to subscribe, which will allow you to be notified as soon as the survey is open. Join in and share your thoughts.

The survey seeks to identify the existing characteristics, practices and challenges facing the testing community in hopes to shed light and provoke a fruitful discussion towards improvement.

You can now contribute and become a part of this report for 2016 by taking the survey and get access to the report when it’s available. 

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