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Can anyone plz provide example(src) from which i can write test cases?

Hello, All..

Can anyone plz provide example(src) from which i can write test cases..i m working as jr.QA but in our co. i have to just prepare defect report.


Thank You

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Test cases are set of actions based on requirement of systems.

There are many fields in test case.

test case id or test case no. which will be unique

2:test case description: detail description of test cases.

3:Expected  Result: Means what u expect from system.

4:Actual result: which was given in document .


Suppose u want to test login module which contain user id password  ok and cancel button

test case 1: Type valid user id and password and click on ok button login window should be open 

test case2: Type mvalid user id and blank password ,and click on ok button ,message should display that password field should not blank

Test case3: Blank user id and type valid password , message should be display that user id is blank

test case id4: Blank all both field user id and password and click ok button.

A message should display that user name and password should not blank.

These are basic four  type of test cases.

If we explore then we can use boundary value and equvalance partisaning.

For password  field 

password should be encrypted

2:password is accepting all combination like alphanumeric and special char,

if any critaria mention that password should not less than six char

then we apply boundry valu

Min value-1= 6-1= 5 which is wrong

Max value+1 = 7 which is pass

means password should not below 6 char.

if any confusion then u can write abidali.khan3@gmail.com



Thank u..


But i want some sample src so i can write test cases.. if you can provide...


Thank u...


hi abid it was good.

 but how can i write the scenarios

Hey you can go through my blog it may help you



Say you have an assignment to test various features of yahoo mail. Below are few of them.

- Send an email to <email id>

- Able to delete email.

- unsent messages goes to Drafts.


You can write test cases for these features.


Hope this helps.


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