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Hello Friends,

In our new project which has come, we need to prepare a detailed SRS document and currently this task is assigned to me. As in my past job I have never come across any opportunity to prepare this document, I have no idea about how to prepare that document. Can any one help me on this? I need some sample SRS documents.

Thanks in advance

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SRS document defines functions of the software. It is usually the first project milestone or deliverable. The business requirement and its functionality are documented in this. The functionality can be explained using use case diagrams. Project flow can be provided in this document.
The SRS is often referred to as the "parent" document because all subsequent project management documents, such as design specifications, statements of work, software architecture specifications, testing and validation plans, and documentation plans, are related to it.

The document should cover the below contents
1, Introduction
a. Purpose of document
b. Project scope
2. Overall Description
2.1 Product perspective
2.2. Product features
2.3 User classes and characteristics
2.4 Operating Environment
2.5 Design and Implementation constraints
2.6 Assumption and Dependencies
3. System features
3.1 System feature 1
3.2 System feature 2 and so on..
4. External Interface requriement
About and software and Hardware requirements
5. Other non functional requirement
Related to performance and security requirement
6. Other requirements

Please send me your id so that i will send you Sample SRS
Thanks Saritha for sharing the valuable information.
my id is patel.himanshu.r@gmail.com

Hi Saritha,

My email-id is sdasjaipur@hotmail.com please send me a copy too.

Saurabh Das
Hi Saritha,

my id is vrinda.vk@gmail.com .Please send me a copy too.

thanks ,
Thanks Saritha for sharing the valuable information.
my id varshaajain@gmail.com
Hi Saritha,

Can you share sample SRS document to my email id, which has mentioned below:


Thank you sarita for your valuable information. Please send me a sample SRS. My e-mail ID is mritunjay.kmr@gmail.com.

Mritunjay Kumar
Plz send me also on my ID dhiraj2u@gmail.com
Google is your best friend.
Hi Saritha,

My id is mr.pcet@gmail.com,kindly send me a copy too.

Thanks for sharing the link with us.
Hi saritha , send me SRS document to this mail_id : lgthn@yahoo.com
If u have any other testing document , kindly send that mail id...
advance thx


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