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On those days, i have faced one issue which is given as bellow.

In web application developed in to vb.net I have lots of records which are given by pagin of 10 records/page.

Suppose I am on 5th page. Now, from that page whenever i click on any option name for sorting purpose , It will sorted all data but page is redirected to the 1st page from current page (i.e 5th page).

Is it fine? or page should not redirected to the 1st page?

Let me know your thoughts please.

P.S. :Developers told me that it is by default functionality given by Microsoft. So it is fine whatever it is.

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Thanks for the reply Vanita.

But what would be expected result here?

user should redirected to 1st page with sorted data of whole table OR data should be sorted of whole table but user should remains on the same page.

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Thanks Vanita.

Best regards,
Anybody can still give me their valuable thoughts for above query.


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