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This is to introduce http://www.TestersDesk.com - The One-source Online Toolkit for Software Test Design and Test Data Generation

It is a free community toolkit accessible online-

1. Test Managers can use its Pairwise TestCase Generator (or ask their team to use it) in ensuring Test Coverage. Individual testers can generate different types of test data and more, all for completely free.

2. All (n-way) combinations of a few decisions can be generated, downloaded and an additional column can be added with the manually entered expected result. That's it. A vertical decision table is ready. Both managers as well as testers will like it.

3. Subsets from larger test items, and permutations can be generated to deal with the problem of selection of tests.

4. Pairwise Testing can be applied to a group of fields each of which have numeric boundaries or value enumeration.

5. Template with the file input format and a CSV file with test data can be given as input to generate multiple test data files. This is useful in testing apps that require input in a specific file format like XML etc.

6. Files of different sizes and types can be created.

Please read - Discover 20 ways to use TestersDesk.com - http://www.testersdesk.com/20ways_testersdesk.html

If you have time, please view the videos at - https://www.testersdesk.com/testersdesk_videos.html

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Dear Ashwin,

How are you? I heard about you through one of my friend from HYD. Anyway, thanks for sharing this information.

Thanks Ashwin for proving your tool information. I will try it once and get back to you.
Hi Joanna,

Am good; how r u? Was reading your other posts and they sound very interesting and detailed.

Request you to please explore how the tools at www.TestersDesk.com can help you, and if possible, write some use cases here!



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