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Software testing life cycle...can any one correct me?

I read software life cycle in net and i noticed some places they wrote requirement analysis 1st then  they wrote test plan & some places they start from test plan and they wrote requirement analysis.


So got confused and which one is correct ?

requirement analysis - test plan ?

test plan - requirement analysis ? which one is correct?

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first we will get requirement from the customer, then we will do system study  i.e nothing but understanding the requirement from various points of view.....this is called as requirement analysis. After this we will write test plan..

requirement analysis and then test pan is correct.

thanks shilpa


I also read regarding STLC on different sites , as per reading STLC is-

Test planing->Test analysis>Test design->Tet execution->Testing cycle->final testing & implementation->post implementation

now requirement analysis comes under "Test analysis" and somewhere requirement analysis come first.

Please remove doubts  and also send STLC regrading documents (in details)


Hitesh Shah


we must know each n every requirements to make a test plan. A test plan is nothing but in which way nd how we will test the system right? so, we cannot decide the test plan if we do not know the requirements of the client for the particular system. if you do not know the requirement properly then how can u decide the way(stretegy) for testing!


For example : If you do not know that the system requirement that this system should be run properly on IE 8 right? then you can not point out in test plan that you will not test the system on any browser other than IE 8.


If you do not know the basic requirements then you can not able to decide the test plan. After the test plan a tester must have to know all the requirement in depth(Low level scenarios and requirements) to test the system perfectly(Hitesh Shah told this in above reply).


I hope u can understand what i want to say. If i can't give you sufficient answer then plz ask related it to me.

Thank you.

Hi Eniyan

Please go through this link http://www.guru99.com/software-testing-life-cycle.html related to STLC. Hope it clears your doubt.

Thanks & Regards,



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