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Can anybody help me in this question???? And please explain...


1. Methodologies adopted while performing Maintenance Testing:-

a) Breadth Test and Depth Test

b) Retesting

c) Confirmation Testing

d) Sanity Testing

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Breadth Test and Depth Test
breadth test and Depth test
Breadth Test and Depth Test

Hi guys,

Pls explain what is breadth test and Depth Test and how and what we will do in these test.

Thanks in Advance



 Basically During Maintenance testing our Main Focus is on Regression testing . So after doing Impact Analysis We would go for Regression testing ...   okay Coming back to your Query :----------


Breadth Test :- Testing maximum of the main Functionality without going in too deep.

Depth Test :- testing any smaller segment by going in too deep......! 



Samrat Jha.



Confirmation testing is also called a Retesting.

Sanity testing is a narrow regression testing which is done is modify build. In this we test major functionality , sometime we have not prepared any test cases/script for sanity testing.



Hitesh Shah

sanity testing:verifying the basic functionality of an application as a part of this we will execute all p0 and p1 test cases. sanity testing will be conducted only in the system testing phase.

retesting:validating the failed functionality after the code is modified.

Thanks to all...


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