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can i know the difference between Smoke & Build acceptance testing?

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 Who told you that they both are two different things..???

Hi samrat,

I just wanted to know, whether the smoke & Build acceptance testing has any difference.

I have joined as a fresher, wanted to know in detail.


U can check the below link for further knowledge divya: though it does not relate directly, it will avoid further confusion



 Hello Vamshi, ... how you doing ..?   divya is new to QT.. and you have given a link where she would kill her precious time...!  anywz at the end she would be having so many things ...!

me fine samrat, following ur replies :).... ya that was the reason I gave the link. Time might be killed but after reading this she will never kill time in future for understanding this concept :)
Thanks for sharing this link...


TTWT Magazine





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