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Hi all anyone can reply for this question
In size-based file generator after giving all the inputs clicking on download option it generates some batch file after running the batch file I am able to get the data but here my question is why we are using the concept of batch file to download the data for the input which we have given
Why don’t we try to download directly? And another question is
For eg: if I am giving the input file size=50KB with some data option like mixed data, after clicking on download option the generated download batch file is very minimum just 2.11KB
How is it possible?


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Hi Chinna,
You have asked interesting question. Here we consider so many concepts to generate the batch file like
1. Server load
2. Internet band width
3. Performance of the application
4. Disk Space & etc.
If some ask for file 1 GB than it will increase the load on server to generate the file, To down load 1GB file how much time take for an ordinary bandwidth users and more over suppose 10 users ask for 1GB files at a time server take long time to generate theses files at the same time it will may not properly response for other requests.
And one more reason is this batch file size less then 5kb, it is easy to store any where instead of storing 1GB file. Whenever you want 1 GB file simply execute that batch file and use the 1 GB file then delete 1 GB file after your work finish.

Thanks & Regards
Hi Chinna,

Good post.

Best Regards,


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