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Simple difference between test plan and test strategy

Please explain the Simple difference between test plan and test strategy.

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As per the quality assurance company, below is the basic difference between a test plan and test strategy:

Test Plan:

A Test Plan can be described as a document that tells about the scope of testing, objective of testing, and approach of testing to test the software application. It describes the details of the project. It can be done by the test administrator or test manager.
It is utilized at the project level. Basically, a test plan explains how to test when to test and who will confirm it.

The Test Plan is a kind of document that contains the complete list of all the activities in a QA project, the scope of the project, roles & responsibilities, risks, entry and exit criteria, test objective, and anything else that you can think of.

Test Strategy:

The test strategy is a set of directions or instruction which explain the test design and explains how the testing should be done. Test strategy is an arrangement of the testing approach, and it answers to questions like what you need to complete and how you will achieve it.

The main purpose of the test strategy is to explain the testing approach, different categories of tests, testing environments, and the list of tools to be used for testing.


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