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Smoke and Regression Tests are almost one and the same but there is a very slight difference. The differentiating factors between Smoke and Regression tests is the depth and the scope of the tests, to what extent are they performed on the application, do they cover multiple configurations or only a single configuration etc. These differences are also the type of questions you may need to answer in order to build Smoke and functional Regression test suites.

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Hello buddy,

Well, I will choose regression testing because it has more advantages as compared to the smoke testing.

A growing number of software development teams today favor agile software development over other development strategies.

There’s no requirement to introduce Agile, but let’s return to it anyway! We know that the agile development methodology is adaptive in nature.

It concentrates on creating a product based on empirical feedback associated with frequent testing by breaking down the product development means into shorter development cycles or sprints.

Supports All Programming Languages

Similar to influential operating systems and web browsers, Selenium also helps a large number of programming languages like Java, C#, Python, and Ruby.

Easy to Maintain and Reuse Tests

Most of the enterprises use test automation tools to reuse and change test cases without any trouble. Selenium improves the reusability of testing cases.

Saves Both Time and Cost

A number of reports have highlighted how Selenium is efficient in cutting down Regression Testing services time by 92%. Along with decreasing regression testing time essentially, an industry can further use Selenium to shorten release cycles and reduce test cycles.


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