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share your most challenged task and how you come across so far..

Hi all,

            could you please share your challenging task you faced  so far and how u solved it?


Thanks and Regards


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Can you please start with your Nivedita?

Hi shailesh,

                I am sorry  , now  looking for starter position but  i wish to know the challenges you people are facing thats why i posted this query.


Thanks and Regards



Test Data preparation:


We are interdependent on up stream and down stream systems. Hence Test data preparation is tricky and challenging job.



1) Efficient co-ordination

2) Plan the activities

3) Prioritising the activities




with out any docs...without KT..Have to Test App..


How?? every one says 'thats your job'.. if we give kt/docs then any one can test the app...


So i have to think...how is this...how it should go based on domain knowledge..


But i felt bad while starting..then after completion my job...i was so happy and everyone says 'Congrats..' I felt gr8 in my mind...


The Challenging task which I got is to Test Web Services and SOAP UI testing... To solve the challenging task , the main steps which are highlighting - 


1) Understand the task what exactly we have to test

2) Organized in proper way, analyze the time estimation

3) Understand the approach and scope....


I Guess these are the basics scenarios which we have to kept in mind, obvious there are many scenarios which we can think and create the list....


I hope I have clear ur doubt at some extent...






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