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Hi All,

Requirement: to explore all the links(404, Alpha site, UAT site majorly) if i am using the live/prod site.  and also share the result with broken link and his location where these links were found.

I am struggling with finding broken links with location. I have used two tools but not not satisfied from their result.

Broken link checkers (a online tool)


Can someone suggest me any other tool which can help me to sort out my problem?


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Hi Shiw,

As per functional testing services below are some more broken link checking tools. Please have a look at these tools if these can solve your purpose.

1. Broken Link Checker
2. Dead Link Checker
3. Link Checker
4. W3C Link Validation Tool
5. Google Webmaster Tools
6. WP Plugin for Broken Link Check
7. Power Mapper Link Checker
8. Check My Links Google Chrome Page Checking Plugin

Anand Singh

Thanks Anand for your help. But could you please confirm will all tools allow me to check the links which are visible post login. if Yes please share how?

Hi Shiw,

For the purpose of checking links on the post-login page, you can add  "Check My Links Google Chrome Page Checking Plugin" plugin to your chrome browser. On chrome browser navigate to the page on which you need to test the links, you simply click on the extension adds to the address bar of the chrome browser. Once done, you will notice that it scans all links on the site, internal and external, and color codes them to provide you with direct information about their status. 

I hope this information serves your purpose.

Anand Singh

Hi Anand 

Thanks for information, but not able to fullfil my requirement.


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