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If a bug has high severity then usually that is treated as high priority, then  why do priority given by Developers/project managers and severity given by testers/test engineer? also reply who give Severity and priority ?

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Severity is decided by analyzing the impact of the bug on overall functionality of application and priority is decided on the basis of urgency to fix the bug.

Sometimes it may happen that a low severity bug exists in a particular module but business/clients wants that particular module should be deployed first.

In such cases that bug may be of low severity , still it will be assigned a high priority.

Since severity is best judged by testing team and the business decisions regarding the time frames of deployment of modules are taken generally by project managers , hence priority is assigned by Buisness personells (BAs)/Project managers.


Shruti Chaudhary

Infocpets Technologies Pvt Ltd

Hi Shruti,

Thanks for quick and good reply just i want to comfirm any type of severity assigned by Test team and prority always assigned  by PM , correct?







Not entirely true Shruti! Priority is not assigned by the Project Manager. Project Managers usually are not technical enough to be Subject Matter Experts on the product to be able to assign priorities on defects. 

The priorities are assigned in the defect triage meeting (daily defect meetings) by collective inputs of test team and the developers. Priority helps in prioritizing the defect lists for the developers so that they know whats next on the hopper for them.

yes correct sir ji...


Good blog...hope the above link gives clear picture about Severity and Priority.


Krishna Prasad


TTWT Magazine





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