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Hi All,


I got this Test from one good Software Testing Book and i found it really interesting. Nice try to do a self-assessment of our self. I am pasting it here.

You need to write a set of test case or a set of test data—to
properly test a relatively simple program. Here’s a description of the program:

The program reads three integer values from an input dialog. Those three values represent the lengths of the three sides of a triangle. A message will display that states whether it is the scalene, isosceles, or equilateral triangle.

Remember that 

1. scalene triangle - one where no two sides are equal

2. isosceles triangle - two equal sides

3. equilateral triangle - three sides of equal length

4. Also, the angles opposite the equal sides in an isosceles triangle also are equal. it also follows that the sides opposite equal angles in a triangle are equal), and all angles in an equilateral triangle are equal.

Please Write your answers in comment. I will Post all the possible answer in my comment.

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Not a single ans :(

Hi ,

 I am new in testing, just learning. I'll give it a try. bit worried whether it will turn out to be blunder.



  1. input 5,4,6      Expected result: scalene triangle
  2. input 5,7,5      Expected result: isosceles triangle
  3. input  6,6,6     Expected result: equilateral triangle


  1. input 0,6,7  Expected result:  invalid
  2. input -5,5,5  Expected result: invalid
Please comment


     Nice query asked you,I am also new this type of testing


input:5,3.5,4 expectd:scalene triangle

input:4,4,1     Expected:isosceles triangle

input:3,3,3    Expected:equilateral triangle



nput:0,3.5,4 expectd:scalene triangle

input:4,4,4     Expected:isosceles triangle

input:0,3,3    Expected:equilateral triangle


Hi shailesh,

                  If u dnt mind tell me that book name,taht book is avaliable in online,tellt aht website.

Yeh i got it from the book "The art of software testing"...you can get it from google books.

Let me try on this query. But i am not sure that it would be right solution.

Positive scenario :

  1. scalene triangle- 1,2,3
  2. isosceles triangle-1,1,2
  3. equilateral triangle-1,1,1

Negative scenario :

  1. 1,2,a
  2. a,1,'
  3. 1,1,%
  4. Empty inputs for all fields



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