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Hi All,
I want to run C# script on selenium IDE. When I recorded script using C# then play button is disabled. If I did some changes in c# script and convert it in to HTML then it thorws an command error. Can you please tell me the solution. How I can run c# script in Selenium IDE.

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Hey Deepak,

Export the script generated in Selenium IDE as C# Selenium RC to the whichever IDE you are using then only C# code will run.

Hope this will work for you.

Thanks Anika !!
Hi Deepak,
Selenium IDE only supports HTML for recording and playing back. It records the script in HTML. IDE has feature to export the test cases in many language like java, C#, PHP and many more. But selenium IDE will run only HTML script.
So i would suggest you to use Selenium RC for you requirement.
follow below steps. Since i am working on Java so telling you the process for selenium RC for java

1.Download selenium RC
2. Install Eclipse (any framework which supports C# for your need)
3. Set the build path of your project with Selenium RC jar.(There are two things are there . 1st Selenium RC server. and the client which will work as intermediate between selenium RC and you framework. so you have to choose your client you will find in your selenium RC Zip. your case you need to select selenium RC C# client.
4. Record your script in IDE and export it in C# then copy this script and paste in your framework like eclipse your whatever your use. Then edit your script if needed then run from your framework.

Just let me know if you want more info.
Thanks Lot Niraj !!!


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