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1. Selenium is an opensource tool where as QTP is Paid one

2. Selenium supports multiple languages like Java,C#,Perl,python,Ruby,HTML and PHP, where as QTP just support VB script

3. Selenium supports Firefox, IE, Google chrome, Safari and Opera where as QTP supports just Firefox.

4. Selenium Supports Windows, Linux and Mac where as QTP supports only Windows Operating Systems.

5.Selenium Supports just Web Applications, where as QTP supports both WEB & DESKTOP Applications.

6. when compared to QTP Selenium is very flexible and extendable.

I have listed the basic difference between Selenium and QTP, Now you decide which is better.....


It's always to opt for Selenium now. Hence it's an open-source and flexible, most organizations are migrating to Selenium.

Before that make sure You are enough good in Java.

Scope wise Selenium is emerging in a Greater way.

Gud Luck !!


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