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Hi all,

I have a page where heading and in that so many tags will be listed.

the code is shown here:


<a places="4" value="8" href="#">Bangalore </a>

I need to know how many links are present in heading

Because as mentioned in code,we may have so many places as shown:

<a places="4" value="10" href="#">hyderabad</a>

<a places="4" value="15" href="#">bombay </a>

<a places="4" value="18" href="#">pune </a>


all these will list under heading.


can i know how many links present under heading using selenium ide..

Thanks in advance.

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You can use 'storeXpathCount' command to take the count


give command as         'storeXpathCount'


and give locator as      Xpath till 'a'



-S Sarita.




HI sarita

Could u pls explain how can i use storexepath and what its benefit .

Hi Saritha,


Could you please explain for the code i have mentioned..


Thanks a lot,



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