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Hello Friends,


Does anyone has the below book, if yes plz email it on : aniruddhamalvi@gmail.com.

Selenium Simplified - Automated Web Testing by Alan Richardson


Thankz in Advance :-)




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Did you read the free preview of my book on my web site?


It should give you enough information to get started with Selenium.

I wrote the preview so that people could get started, and the preview might even be enough of a kickstart that you can progress without buying the book.

If you have chosen to try and get the book for free without reading the preview then you might not actually work through the full book anyway.

At only £5.99 the e-book can't really be priced more cheaply.

You can buy the ebook from http://www.compendiumdev.co.uk/selenium

Hope that helps,


Hi Alan,


i would like to buy this e-book. can you guide me the procedure on how i can buy it.

please reply to my email id nagaraj.nellithaya@gmail.com


The price £5.99 is in euro right.




Best Regards,



HI Alan


I am looking for a book on selenium web driver . Have read the preview of your book "Selenium – simplified”. It’s a good  book for a beginner.


As i have already working with selenium -java since a year I am looking a  book on selenium web driver  xclusively.


Could you please help me on this.


kindly suggest the book which would be help full for me on this.


do you have a plan to write a book on selenium web driver even ?


thank you! good time!

Hi Alan,

Will you please share the link to buy the Selenium Simplified ebook?

And what is the price of ebook?

Thanks & Regards,

Snehasish Saha


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