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i am new to selenium rc pls help


Installed the following setup files for works with selenium

Selenium RC - version 2.0

NUnit - Version:,clr version -2.0.50727.4952(Net 2.0.)

Firefox 4.0.1

Selenium IDE -1.1.0

 Java Runtime Environment -Version 6 Update 26

 i am using visual studio 2008 for running code from nunit.


Code generated using, selenium IDE, copy paste c# code from the ide options- to vs08, as a class library. build the code then from tool - Nunit access the dll file to run it


it shows error- 

browser get open up - but its not accessing the code, shows error in the script.

error window  is attached.


letme know, if i hav missed any step. 




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this is windows script error.try firefox .did u solved it already?


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