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Selenium OR Concordion OR soapui OR Eclipse OR Jubula OR Jameleon OR Maveryx OR Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF)

 Hello Everybody,

What about to make a comparison among the following Open Source testing tools

and let everybody share his/her Experience while using any of them

-Eclipse Jubula
-Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF)

I Have to choice one of them ... !


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I highly recommend using Concordion *with* Selenium... Use Concordion to write test specs and use Selenium to control the browser programmatically from the Concordion fixtures. By doing this, you make a clear separation of concerns between the "what?" and the "how?", which frees you up to change the how later. There are some good tips here: http://www.concordion.org/Technique.html

 thnx so much James for your kindly help, Good idea i will try it ...

But after using this integration, what will be the most suitable framework for this combination?

 thnx Larry So much, very interesting comparisons




thnx Giridhartupuri but why ?? :)

I have to persuade my Manager..So what should I say about selenium ?


1) first of selenium is an open source tool

2)it can handle maximum number of langugaes

3)easy coding

4)then tool has to be supported by itself if u stuck any ware you should slove your own problem or u can ping me up

soapUI has arguably the largest user community of any open source testing tool. However, without knowing your requirements, it's hard to make any kind of reasonable suggestion. What type of applications will you be testing for starters?



Yes Completely agree with you Alex...

It is web-applications written with Java 


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