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Hi All ,


You can all discuss here about Selenium IDE , RC & Core.

You can share your thoughts automating the application using Slenium Tool.

Send the Questions related to the selenium to get the quick answers.


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Hi sureshbabu,
I have install Selenium IDE only (still not install RC & Core) and also test one of module (. NET).
can you please guide me in following scenario,

1. Consider I have on application say Asset Management
2. Open the Selenium IDE and create new test case using File - New Test Case
3. Now, I records one module fro the application lets say Add Asset , by clicking "Record" button in Selenium IDE.
4. I fill all text fields and selects the values from dropdown lists from the Add Asset page
5. Now After submit I Stop the recording.
6. While play back It runs properly but I need to know following things
--It play back with the same inputs which i gave while recording.
--suppose I want to add 10-15 Assets thru this Add Asset form using This tool. Hows it possible? ( I think this is known as Data Driven functionality ... but I dont know abt how it is used in Selenium IDE )
--How to handle with unexpected window/pop ups?
-- how to test individual text fields & dropdowns ..(like we test validations on text fields manually ..text field with only numbers, standard email ids etc)

-- how can we maintain reports or logs using selenium.

I want to work with selenium can you please guide me here step bye step ..
if u provides examples with different scenarios then it will helpfull for us ..

thanks & regards ...
Sarang Dalal
HI Sarang Dalal ,
1.By using selenium IDE we can't test for the iteration.For this u need go with selenium RC.Here you can write the For loop and then u can do 1--15 Assests.
2.To verify text fields & Drop down values use the below functions which are avaliable in selenium.
* isSomethingSelected("Locator")
Determines whether some option
in a drop-down menu is selected.
3.For any help find the attached file.It may be help ful for ur quires.

Thanks for sharing this document.
ThanQ Sir am Looking for more Examples on Selenium and Completly New to Selenium and Trying to Learn can u provide some materials fr tat
HI Reddy ,
Check teh below URL.You can find all the details.


Thnxs Suresh
how to handle popups


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