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How Selenium IDE will recognize the component in flex application.
In test,
Command : flexSetFlexObjId
Target : ABM001
After clicking of 'Find', Its finding the application and highlighting it.

But while executing it , it is giving an error "Element ABM001 not found".

Can anybody help me.

-S Sarita.

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Selenium IDE doesn't support record & playback on flex app. But you can run the selenium flex commands from selenium IDE,If user extension file is configured properly with IDE.

To playback flex commands,first,u have to compile flex source code with SeleniumFlexAPI.SWC to,to make Flex app automation ready.
Hi Kiran,
I have compiled flex source code with SeleniumFlexAPI.SWC
still i am getting the error...
Hi Kiran ,
I am also testing flex application , how to use Selenium IDE tool for flex application . for example login page I want to test using Selenium IDE tool , pl send setps .
Hitesh Shah
Hi Kria,

Can please expalin me how to configure the property file with IDE, boz i'm trying to impelment the selenium with my flex appliaction. Please help me.

You should subscribe and post the discussion at http://bit.ly/927cLY and learn from the group. Also join the discussion at http://bit.ly/9c4QME.

Good luck.

Hello Mohinder,


I went thru the above URL's But still not able to record the flex objects from application. As I have added complied files SWC with project & so able to get separate names for each field thru an application. however, while recording those names are not prompting in recording.

I am looking for help regards to use of separate names in Selenium IDE. so its easy for recording & executing the test scripts.

please know me if any one knows to record flex objects in selenium.




Thanks Mohinder sharing these links


TTWT Magazine





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